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Image by Toa Heftiba


I met Philippe through a very dear friend; I went to see him because I felt a deep malaise without really knowing the origin. At first I was a little shaken by his original approach and above all contrary to all my beliefs about therapy and conventional medicine, but a little voice deep inside me told me that this meeting would be interesting.

My discomfort was expressed by various symptoms, some of which were very pleasant, such as having 15,000 ideas per second, being very happy, communicative and giving without counting. Unfortunately others were very unpleasant for me and those around me: agitation followed by moments of low morale, sleep problems (nocturnal insomnia and daytime sleepiness), hyper activity followed by severe fatigue, telling people too directly what I thinks without taking gloves, inability to say no, an uncontrollable need to be loved and a feeling of guilt source of deep unhappiness.

Philippe did not put a label on these symptoms. He accompanied me with great patience and kindness to better understand the source of my discomfort and helped me to grow in level of consciousness by teaching me forgiveness, non-judgment, benevolence and also to protect myself. .

Today I have transformed this hyper activity into an energy that I try to use to achieve a goal that is dear to me: to bring joy around me and contribute as I can to a better world.

Thanks Philip.

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