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Image by Fabrizio Chiagano

Bach flowers

Bach Flowers, initially called "Bach flower essences", are alcoholic macerations of plants made from flowers from thirty-seven species of plants, to which is added the rock water, which therefore gives 38 elixirs in total.

By extension, they designate the practice with a therapeutic aim that uses them, conceptualized between 1928 and 1936 by Edward Bach, an English homeopathic doctor who maintained that the real origin of the weaknesses of the body lies in our states of mind: repressed feelings or emotions generate psychic disorders which, in the long term, manifest themselves in the form of illness:

“Disease is neither cruelty nor punishment; it is all and all a corrective that our soul uses to point out our flaws, to keep us from making bigger mistakes, to keep us from doing more damage, and to bring us back on the path we should have. never had to leave. »    Dr. Edward Bach

The design of this method is holistic and is based on the fact that each defined negative psychological state corresponds to a species of plant, according to an intuitive choice of Edward Bach who establishes seven negative psychological states, including thirty-eight negative psychological sub-states . Thus, the action of these elixirs occurs at the more subtle level of the soul in order to help heal psychosomatic disorders.

The advantages of Dr. Bach's method come from the fact that it is natural, simple and does not present any danger: no side effects, no risk of overdose or addiction and is compatible with any other treatment.

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