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Image by Dominik Schröder

Knap's Points

Stimulation of rejuvenation

Gëorgia Knap, French born in Troyes in1866 and died in1946) was a fertile inventor and also ahealer, supporter of natural medicine.

Nicknamed "the man with 80 trades", he would have been the first to own a car in the city of Troyes.


The Knap rejuvenation method

Gëorgia Knap is best known today for his method of "rejuvenation": Knap's method of 18 main points, augmented by fifteen groups of secondary points.

Between the ages of 40 and 50, he developed a passion for the studies of biology and physiology, and more particularly for all the treatises concerning the aging, the degeneration, conservation, regeneration of human body by natural methods. This is how he developed a method consisting of massage regularly certain points of the body and maintaining very strict food hygiene. His meals were hearty and comprised of a wide variety offood.

He applied this method himself successfully from the day of his 50th birthday. The scientists of the time doubting the effectiveness of his method, Gëorgia Knap invited them to a conference on his 70th birthday when he showed them his vitality. Eventually, he refused to divulge his secret in response to the displayed skepticism, deeming them unworthy.

This method can be combined with other relaxation methods such as acupressure or Shiatsu.

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