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An initiation, at the cellular level,
by invocation of cosmic energies

Energization is an energy initiation that allows you to receive and assimilate energies whose vibrational frequencies open the door leading to spiritual dimensions and higher levels of consciousness. It is recommended in particular to all those who either practice transcendental meditation or want to understand their energetic functioning. The principle that governs this incantatory process is the action of a series of repeated sound waves (singing chants) whose vibrations act on the subtle bodies that make up our aura. Energization also allows a faster evolution in any spiritual research.

During an energization, when the epiphysis can be connected to the pituitary gland energetically, there is an aura around the head which attracts spiritual beings who come to bring wisdom and transcendental knowledge as well as human beings in search of a greater great understanding of themselves. New possibilities emerge from these encounters giving those who experience them a sense of being a demiurge.

During these sessions, the aim is to:

  • An expansion of psychic vision.

  • A rebalancing of male and female energies.

  • A rebalancing of the right and left lobes of the brain.

  • An activation of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

  • The opening of the eight major chakras then eventually that of all the minor chakras.

  • The establishment of constant communication between the pituitary and epiphysis glands.

  • The progressive opening of the Kundalini to harmoniously connect the chakras between them.

  • A change in the electromagnetic field of our aura giving an opening to other, higher dimensions of the universe.

  • A better flow of energy through the meridians in all the subtle bodies, so as to accelerate personal growth.

  • A modification of the vibratory rate of our atoms and our cells to allow us to raise in vibration and to find all our psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing of others and of oneself, by an unconditional love of life and a boundless compassion for others.


It is recommended to receive at least one energization session per month, in order to maintain and then permanently stabilize the effects of these initiatory sessions which open the door to the divine in oneself.


Mauricio Panisset was a discreet Brazilian healer with the curious characteristic of emitting a powerful miraculous light during his healing sessions. By coming to practice in the USA, he knew an international fame due more to the fact that he emitted light, (attracting the curiosity of many people) than to the miraculousness of his cures.

Among all the people who came to see him for treatment, Shirley Maclaine devoted an entire chapter to him in her book "The Inner Journey", thus revealing to the world the beneficial results of his energizing sessions, along with the incredible appearance of lights coming out of his body like lightning to pass through the body of his patients. The story of his life was written by his widow in the book "Man of Light" by Kimberly Panisset.

Mauricio regretted that the magical side of his lights attracted the curious and diverted some of his patients from their spiritual search. On his death, his widow, Kimberly taught her students the process by which her husband invoked the higher powers to come to the aid of those who suffer, to heal their ailments on the physical, emotional and mental planes.

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