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REI is the universal and limitless nature of energy
KI is the vital energy that runs through all living beings
REIKI is the universal and unlimited vital energy

Reiki is a personal healing tool before being a way to heal others. Reiki is a gentle therapy, a simple and powerful technique that:

  • provides multidimensional support, physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • helps to regain dynamism and vitality, restore inner peace after an emotional shock.

  • relieves pain, muscle tension, all consequences of burns and shocks.

  • increases the potential of medications and accelerates the return to healing.

  • is compatible with any other treatment, whether medical or paramedical.

  • is suitable for all kinds of physical disease, be it liver, heart, skin, etc.

  • is suitable for all kinds of disturbance, such as insomnia, lack of concentration, etc.

  • is suitable for all kinds of blockages, such as fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, impotence.

  • allows the energetic cleansing of the etheric body and psychic surgery.

  • Allows healing work from a distance, in agreement with the recipient.

  • has the advantage of being able to be used according to one's own needs, to heal oneself.

A treatment consists of four consecutive sessions at the rate of one session (approximately one hour) per day.

For the teaching of Reiki Usui, no previous experience of energies is necessary, while for Reiki Karuna a previous experience of the handling of energies, that of the third level of Reiki Usui, is obligatory.

Anyone can receive this teaching. A minimum of three months of sustained practice between each level is required.


In 1896, according to legend, Mikao Usui, a lover of old books, discovered a 2,500-year-old manuscript, written in Sankrit and dealing with a method of curative medicine by application of the hands, which brought him the testimony of a tradition of millennial healing. In fact, in 1920, Mikao Usui made a retreat at the Buddhist monastery of Mount Kurama. On his twenty-first day of fasting, during a meditation, he had an illumination during which he was told how to heal himself and others.

Once he received this transcendental knowledge, he immediately set about healing the people who came to him. In 1921, he opened a Reiki school in Tokyo and taught his healing technique. To help his students focus on the particular energies of Reiki, he developed a system of symbols to channel the energies under consideration. He trained only sixteen masters.

       The four levels of Usui Reiki:

  1. First level: history, ideal and operation of Reiki Usui, the symbol of self-love, and the practice of self-treatment. Then, the participants are initiated one by one, to the energies of the first level.

  2. Second level: symbols of the heart, mental-emotional balance, distance, power, and the practice of dealing with others. Review of knowledge and initiation of participants, one by one, to the energies of the second level.

  3. Third level: the symbols of healing and the Antahkarana, as well as the practices of etheric surgery and the Reiki grid for remote treatment. Review of knowledge and initiation of participants, one by one, to the energies of the third level.

  4. Fourth level: the symbol of the Master Usui Tibet as well as the symbols of the control, making it possible to be initiated Master and to be able then to initiate other people with Reiki.



It was developed towards the end of the twentieth century by Reiki Usui Master Willam Lee Rand who brought out the full power of complementary symbols channeled by a group of Reiki Ushui Masters. After meditating on these symbols, he was guided through the entire initiation process which he called Reiki Karuna. Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassionate action.

Karuna is the mighty force of enlightened beings who work for the disappearance of suffering from the earth. At the level of spiritual understanding of enlightened beings, all beings are united without distinction, so healing the other is also healing oneself. The practice of Reiki Karuna allows close collaboration with these awakened beings who permanently communicate a quantity of healing energy available to all those who are receptive to their presence and their energies.

      The three levels of Reiki Karuna

  1. First level: history, meaning and ideal of Reiki Karuna, the four symbols, their activation and the practice of treating others. Initiation of the participants one by one, to the energies of the first level.

  2. Second level: four additional symbols, their use in conjunction with the four symbols of the first level, and initiation of the participants, one by one, into the energies of the second level.

  3. Third level: symbols of mastery and practice of the process allowing others to be initiated into Reiki Karuna, level I and II. Then, initiation of the participants, one by one, to the energies of the third level.

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