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My story


An engineer by training, Philippe spent the first ten years of his professional career serving the oil industry, moving without notice from one drilling platform to another, and from one country to another, North and South America, from Europe to Africa and from the Middle East to the Far East. Desiring to change his lifestyle, he returned to school for a year, in Fontainebleau, to obtain his MBA. On leaving Insead, he entered the service of the financial world, in a large American investment bank based in London, with the mission of reorganizing companies in difficulty, which earned him frequent changes of country. Ten years later, feeling somewhat isolated in New Caledonia, he decided to return to Europe.

In 1999, while he was walking with his friend Sophie, on the lawn surrounding a friend's property, she reached up to grab something and at the same time his right leg broke into three pieces, fractured tibia and fibula: the universe informed them in its own way that their lives were going to change, but they were not ready to understand it at that time...


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Philippe remembers the scene thus:
I first heard a noise -similar to that of dead wood when it is broken- and I wondered where it could be coming from. Then I saw Sophie's face suddenly turned pale even before she asked me for help: my body was instantly shivering. I rushed to her, took her in my arms and laid her carefully on the grass, asking her to breathe while I went to call an ambulance. She arrived shortly after and took her to the emergency room of the cantonal hospital in Geneva. She was operated on the next morning and around eleven o'clock in the morning, the surgeon came to tell me that the operation had gone very well. I then dared to ask her the question that had been burning my lips since the day before: "How could she have broken her leg when she was raising her hand to grab an object?" ".

The surgeon was amazed. He answered me:
“Recently, a patient arrived with identical fractures, but he admitted to having hit a wall at very high speed, on a circuit, with his racing car. And you're trying to make me believe that your friend just lifted her hand. Personally, I don't see any correlation between raising your hand and breaking your leg. Also, I don't care about people's private lives. Back in the operating room, he asked Sophie the cause of his fracture and she told him this incredible story of her adventure, of which I am the only witness. He then told her: “You don't have osteoporosis, that's the only thing I can confirm. This may be what some call a stress fracture.”

Once transported to a hospital room and Sophie recovering from her emotions, we looked at each other and felt concern. Also, I felt outraged that the surgeon had vaguely suggested that I might have fractured his leg. We then decided to seek to understand what could have happened. For this purpose, I contacted a medium. He came the next day to the hospital. Once with us in the bedroom, he looked at us and then turned to Sophie and said, "It's your father's energy, which created this incident, and now it's time for you to understand that you have to change your life”. This explanation left us speechless. It was then that he turned to me and added "And you weren't there by chance, the lesson is also valid for you and if you don't understand it quickly, it will cost you dearly".

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