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Vibration care

Harmonization by sound vibration associated with light vibration. by invocation of cosmic energies


The concomitant use of sound and light vibrations (whose modes of propagation are different, the light acting on the mental body and the sound on the emotional body) at the coordinated frequencies at the same time as the practitioner brings energy to the recipient allows to transmit the same information to the etheric body via the energy of the giver, to the emotional body via sound and to the mental body via light: the same action on three levels of consciousness.

The technique has a precise geometric structure, which results from our morphology, and its action is to facilitate the ascending then descending circulation of energy in the human body. The beneficiary feels the benefits immediately.


The principle which governs this technique is to work simultaneously on three levels of energy by using the two fundamental meridians which are the Governor and the Conception, in order to restore a more harmonious flow of energy in the body of the person who receives.


The principle that governs this technique is to work on the astral plane via the meridians that run along the spine. Each vertebra corresponds to a note (via a tuning fork) and a color. The tail of the tuning fork is applied on either side of the vertebra with which it is associated and transmits the vibration to the physical and etheric bodies, while the fork transmits this same vibration to the emotional body.

The jointly emitted light transmits a synchronous and harmonic vibration to the mental body. The synchronicity of these vibrations creates even higher harmonics, which act on the astral body.


The principle that governs this technique is to restore the circulation at the level of the ordinary and extraordinary meridians. To our six pairs of ordinary meridians (six Yin and six Yang) correspond the major organs of our organism. Each of them is disturbed by specific feelings, which we experience at one time or another in our existence. It is therefore necessary to retune an organ as soon as the feeling creates a disturbance too violent to be managed by the organ itself.

Through our eight extraordinary meridians, we can manage the distribution of energy between them, and by coupling the action on these meridians, act more deeply on the psyche.

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