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An irreversible beneficial transformation


Alternative or holistic alternative medicine admits that there is a common vital energy that generates all forms of life, an energy that constantly flows like living water. Where this energy becomes stagnant, this immobility brings disease as stagnant water can stagnate: life is energetic movement.

Each of our cells keeps the emotional memory of our experiences, including those lived in-utero, to which an energy pattern remains associated. Our Life Force is this Innate Intelligence which guided the development of our cells during our conception and manages all our metabolism taking into account our emotions and our thoughts.

Our Life Force, which knew how to program the being that we are, knows what suits us best to be in good moral, physical and mental balance. By giving it back the possibility of overcoming the emotional or mental obstacle, it removes the memories that are harmful to us and restores the energy flow.


This technique was initiated around 1960 by Robert St John, a British naturopath and reflexologist. By tapping on the feet of his patients, at the reflex points of the spine, he discovered that they could induce unexpected cures. He found, after years of research and observation, that each person has an innate personal self-healing capacity, which he quickly put into action by the technique he had invented.

He realized that through this technique he allowed each of his patients to become his own healer and thus bring about considerable changes on the physical level as well as on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. What surprised him the most was that all these changes seemed to come from within the patient himself, from his unconscious and that they were far-reaching, non-reversible: a real transformation. He associated this with a metamorphosis.


Gaston de St Pierre studied this particular approach to healing in depth with Robert St John and saw in it all of its untapped therapeutic potential. In the 1970s, he developed a simple and effective method which he called the Metamorphosis Technique.

It is a simple technique that allows the opening of our self-healing system as well as our personal development: we all have an immense potential which is little used because of the strict limitations imposed by our own beliefs.

These blocking patterns correspond to very specific energies and it is on these particular energies that the Metamorphosis Technique acts, by catalysing them, it allows you to transform them at your own pace and make you evolve towards your maximum potential.

The Metamorphosis Technique is neither a therapy, nor a care, nor a treatment, and does not address any particular problem because it works on a higher level, on your Life Force, on your own Innate Intelligence, which she knows exactly how to trigger the solution best suited to your problems.

The practitioner therefore strives not to direct this force, not to focus on your personal history, in order to remain detached and leave full freedom of action to your Life Force. Indeed if the practitioner sought to direct it, he would replace your limitations with his own and would impose a direction on the energy which would limit its action.

This technique is simple, gentle, non-interventionist and absolutely safe. It can be used alone or in parallel with an allopathic treatment. It is easy to learn and accessible to everyone.


Each session lasts approximately one hour.

Each client determines the number and pace of his sessions according to his feelings: appointments are only given if the client expresses the request.

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