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Image by Vinoth Ragunathan

Ro Hun

Ro is vibrational energy
Hun is healing energy
Ro-Hun is the healing vibrational energy


We are only energy. Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our words are energies. They create thought-forms which, depending on the energy we supply to them, bring about the experiences we have on a daily basis. We then unknowingly maintain thought-forms and constantly project them around us. They are unconsciously picked up by those who are sensitive to them and who respond to them, thus confirming the veracity of our convictions. Our experiences are the concrete manifestations of our thought-forms.

The chronic repetition of harmful circumstances and painful events to live through can lead us to ask ourselves: Why does this still happen to me? Is it possible that it still happens to me because I somehow attract it? It still happens to me, because the corresponding energy is unknowingly anchored in one of our chakras. The Ro-Hun process is based on the realization that negative emotions and habitual wrong thoughts are associated specifically with a particular chakra.

Or for examples:

       Root Chakra: I don't feel safe.

       Solar Plexus Chakra: I am not in control of my life.

       Heart Chakra: If I love, I will be vulnerable and hurt.

       Throat Chakra: If I express myself freely, I will be ridiculous.



By looking at the chakras specifically and dealing with them one by one it becomes easy to identify problems and solve them. Treating the emotional and mental bodies directly through the chakras opens the person to the plurality of their own dimensions. The Ro-Hun process is therefore holistic, it acts on all the vibratory levels of the being.

The Ro-Hun process makes it possible to evolve in stages towards a personal realization: by admitting the negative events of our life, by becoming aware of their constant repetition in similar forms, by understanding them, then by releasing the associated thought-forms, we can program new attitudes and reactions, underpinned by our wisdom and our inner strength, and no longer by our fears.

  • To let you know the freedom of your Heart,

  • To increase your compassion for others,

  • To teach you to forgive in order to free yourself,

  • To relax and free yourself from your anxieties,

  • To get rid of negative thought-forms,

  • To awaken your interest in your own potential,

  • To make you discover the extent of your possibilities,

  • To find your inner peace and harmony,

  • To strengthen and develop your personal confidence,

  • To consciously attract positive experiences.



FIRST STAGE: Allow about an hour.

The Ro-Hun Card makes it possible to highlight a personal blockage and the associated thought-form, to understand the importance of the energies involved and to experience liberation. A new way of conceiving one's life is now possible.

SECOND STAGE: Allow about three hours.

The Ro-Hun Cleanse allows to treat the four main blockages inherent in human nature, to explore the fetal life, to awaken the inner Child, to identify blocking energies and to test the presence of a syndrome of separation .

THIRD STAGE: Allow approximately three times three hours.

The Ro-Hun Purification makes it possible to treat in depth all the energies of victim present and the syndrome of separativeness, if it exists. The elimination of these hidden negative aspects of self, and the potential to manage them oneself in the future, means that one should no longer be a victim.

FOURTH STAGE: Allow four times three hours.

The Ro-Hun Cage makes it possible to deal in depth with all the energies of the aggressor present, which are often the counterpart of the old energies of the victim, and to manage them oneself in the future: one is then able to resume one's personal potential and to express it in daily life.


The therapist and his patient form a harmonious couple.

The Ro-Hun therapist receives training that allows him to feel and appreciate the qualities and limits of the energy field of the human being. By auscultating the emotional body around each of the chakras, he can detect the presence of disturbing stagnant energies.

During the sessions the energies of the therapist and the patient are closely connected so that he can facilitate the changes of his patient, subtle inner changes, and accelerate the awakening and the development of his consciousness. Moreover, the therapist by the continuous auscultation of the energetic field of his patient is always in harmony with this one.

The open and active participation of the patient is essential.

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