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Image by David Marcu

Dental nerve / Inflammation

On Sunday, August 5, 2012, I suffered from an inflammation of a dental nerve in my back molars that was so violent that I could not bear it any longer and my husband was about to take me to the emergency room to try to find a dentist able to relieve my pain: not only did I feel a fever but also pain comparable to "stab wounds" in the jaw. I was in tears.

Suddenly, Philippe called me at home in Belgium, as if he felt it from afar and from Lausanne, he IMMEDIATELY cured me, after explaining to me what teeth mean and how to "get in touch with them and their speak" while relaxing: the most surprising thing is that he treated me remotely at the same time and I felt immense relief at the same time. The horrible wave of pain faded and went away on its own. I could finally breathe. Since then, no need for emergencies, of course.

We had been wonderfully lucky to welcome Philippe to our home during one of his conferences and to attend the care he gives to people open enough to understand this magnificent way of healing, but I had never imagined that a day he can heal me from a distance.

Thank you dear Philip.


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