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child stomach ache

My daughter Clémence started having stomach ache when she was 8 years old. I then thought that it could be linked to an anxiety to go to school, but when I asked her if she liked school, she replied that she liked her school very much. So I took her to a doctor who advised me to stop giving her cow's milk and following his advice, my daughter's condition immediately improved.

Everything was going normally until the day she began to feel humiliated by one of her teachers whose tone of voice she could not stand, according to her, very condescending. Suddenly health problems appeared and became daily occurrences: stomach ache, very painful aerophagia attacks, spasms, nausea, headaches, fatigue on waking, etc… and his morale dropped day by day. She was not yet ten years old and I felt totally helpless in the face of the increasing intensity of her physical pain.

Worried about her health, I then showed her to the leading specialists in the Paris region who, from examination to examination, all told me that she suffered from food intolerances. But as her condition was getting worse from month to month and that, even during school vacation periods and I was more and more distraught by her illness, I took her to etiopaths, osteopaths, homeopaths, naturopaths , and even healers. Nothing changed, his condition remained the same.

One day in February 2009, while we were on holiday in the mountains, Clémence had a very severe crisis which manifested itself in the form of acute stomach aches, hot flushes, sweating, headaches, dizziness and severe nausea. . Although Clemence was already eating almost no more, the country doctor called urgently asked me to remove gluten from her diet. So I removed all gluten from his diet, but his condition did not improve. On the other hand, as soon as she inadvertently ate the slightest trace of gluten, she then rolled on the floor in pain.

We therefore undertook new visits to other specialists (in France and outside France) accompanied by new examinations which revealed that my daughter would have been the victim of severe poisoning with lead, mercury, arsenic and pewter: I was stunned by this revelation because I could not contemplate such an assumption and also scared at the idea of having to give him an anti-heavy metal treatment.

I had to make up my mind. This treatment made her headaches disappear as well as the ugly dark circles that darkened her child's face, but all the other symptoms of her illness persisted and, moreover, she lost her hair, suffered day and night, constantly and did not could fall asleep before one or two in the morning. She became unrecognizable to all those close to her and began to develop a disconcerting aggressiveness, becoming verbally very mean towards her mother whom she then covered with pathetic "I love you" almost every two minutes.

Her morale and her energy are then at their lowest: she no longer plays, no longer wants to play sports and even during the holidays, when we walk, she stops out of breath after twenty minutes and then lies down exhausted on the sidewalk. , situation to say the least difficult to manage because passers-by stop to look and then ask me if I need help with my daughter.

Twice she will say to me: "Mom, if life is like this for me, then I'd rather go see God." As the mother of a twelve-year-old only daughter, it was an exceedingly painful sentence to hear that made me feel even more helpless than before.

In August 2010, I took her on a ten-day vacation to Venice. She constantly refused to leave her room and finally agreed to visit the city only three times, but it was only tears accompanied by fits of rage and despair. Three days before leaving Venice, I met Marlis, a woman living in Switzerland, passing through Venice, who strongly advised me to go and visit the bio-energetician who had cured her herself when she had a genetic disease.

Upon my return, I made an appointment with Mr. Philippe Coffin and went to see him, accompanied by my daughter. At her request, I told her almost nothing about my daughter's condition except that she suffered from nausea all the time and had no more strength. He "auscultated" (if I may say so) my daughter's energies for nearly two hours and gradually told me what he perceived was wrong - in terms of energy - with her.

While I was talking with Mr. Coffin and he was explaining to me what he had felt about my daughter, this one drew him on a sheet of paper a scene where she was dancing with her guardian angel and wrote below the caption following: "thank you for taking care of me".

Mr. Coffin asked me to carefully observe how his daughter was going to behave in the hours and days that would follow and to keep him informed of the evolution of my daughter's health. With that, we left him. To my great surprise, my insomniac daughter fell asleep in the car, barely out of the meeting: I couldn't believe it!!!

That evening, at home, I expected to hear her usual litany of cries, tantrums, incessant and desperate "I love you", etc... but none of this happened: she asked and ate between others bread (gluten) and chocolate ice cream, without feeling the slightest pain in the stomach. We were both flabbergasted, both her and me!!!

My daughter then asked me to see Mr. Coffin again the next day - a short visit - which we did, then the same a month later for confirmation of his energetic state. Clémence no longer feels nauseous except in the event of annoyance, eats everything, is once again very positive, speaks to me gently and considerately, has become attentive to others whom she no longer judges, and more inconceivable a few more months, she plays and runs and is bursting with incredible energy.

I regularly practice small "metamorphic massages" as Mr. Coffin had taught and advised me and since then my daughter, now thirteen years old, has truly "metamorphosed": she has grown in one month, her tone of voice changed and she became very nice to me. This meeting with Mr. Coffin changed our life and brought us unprecedented relief, a real breath of fresh air.

I write this testimonial hoping with all my heart that it can help the families who will have to - like me I have had to do - look in vain for the miracle remedy that could cure their child's allergy and who remain powerless in the face of the suffering of their child. Let them know that we must keep hope and that there are always alternative solutions.

And I thank Mr. Coffin very much for his precious help.

Paris, November 5, 2010

Charlotte d'O.

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