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Image by Colton Sturgeon

Unlock Energy

Following our session, I would like to thank you: I would like to inform you that I felt that something was released in me, that the energy even passed through my upper body. In fact, it reminds me of a bottle being uncorked: that "clap" there, I felt it.

On the very day of our session, a great joy came over me. It's the one I already had in me, but which didn't come out all the time. I also felt more connected to EVERYTHING. The following Thursday, I started coughing; after reflection, I said to myself that it must be linked to the passage of energy at the level of the chakra of the throat (a few well-rooted things left unsaid and blockages at the level of communication?) and then I fell a little ill, but I quickly recovered.

Also, I work on myself every day according to the Ho'oponopono method that you taught me. I think of my mom or my dad (at first) and I practice. I don't know if it's fair, but since then, with mom, relations are calmer and it feels good.

Hoping everything is going well for you,

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