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The medicine of the future

Bio-resonance, like any quantum therapy, combines Chinese medicine and recent advanced technologies: by sending a train of waves and calibrated electromagnetic fields to a living organism, it makes it possible to assess the state of the organs constituting this organism. Thus, the analysis of the energy flows of this organism makes it possible to measure in an extremely precise way, organ by organ and system by system, the physiological state of the individual.

During the session, the client is wearing a helmet capable of capturing the frequencies of his electromagnetic field. The measurements recorded and analyzed by the bio-resonance device then appear in the form of a graph (one per organ or system) on the screen of the associated computer: the database of this device having been developed and refined during of the last 50 years, it now contains almost all of all pathologies known to date.

As each cell, therefore each organ and each system as composed of cells, emits a particular electromagnetic flux, by comparing that of the organ considered to that of the same healthy organ, the device highlights the energy deviation of the organ considered. compared to that of a healthy organ, thus making it possible to evaluate the current state of the organ considered.

Device used: Metatron Golden Dragon

The Metatron is the only bio-resonance device approved by allopathic medicine

(FSP patent 201007777). It is a non-linear system (NLS) therefore based on physics

quantum. It allows a vibrational therapy worthy of the third millennium. 

The functioning of the Metatron is based on the work of Academician Svyatoslav

Pavlovich Nesterov (entropic quantum logic theory).

Vladimir Nesterov and his wife Vera run the Institute of Applied Psychophysics, which aims to develop, improve and control the quality of devices.

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