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My diplomas

  • Graduated from Delphi University, Georgia, USA.

  • Doctor of Metaphysics

  • Doctor in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Ph.D in Integrative and Preventive Therapies

  • Graduated from L'Atelier du Reiki, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Reiki Master, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki

  • Professor in Metamorphosis Technique

  • MBA in Finance from INSEAD

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Healing is personal: no one can heal you without your tacit participation.

A bio-energetician can help you heal faster by re-aligning your energies. As for transpersonal psychotherapy, it helps to eradicate the emotional blockages that underlie your problems.

Your desire to heal and your agreement to be helped to heal are two major factors in healing.

By acting on your energies at the different levels of your aura, I can help you:

  • Gradually eliminate your energy losses at the level of your Etheric body.

  • More specifically, cleansing and re-energizing, then stabilizing the energy of your chakras.

  • Balance all the subtle bodies: Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

  • Establish a fluid and constant circulation of your energies in your subtle bodies.

  • Revitalize each of your twelve major organs, through your twelve ordinary meridians.

  • Restore the harmonious distribution of energies to your twelve major organs, through your eight extraordinary meridians.

  • Relieve you of some of your physical ailments, helping you to free yourself from the emotional component that underlies them.

By combining energy work and transpersonal psychotherapy, I can help you:

  • Understand the unconscious blocks that have limited you and how they have generated each of the painful events in your life.

  • Go into an altered state of consciousness, without hypnosis, to allow a regression in past life, and identify its influence in your current life.

  • Discover how your fears have gradually stifled your enthusiasm, understand how they have taken root in you and eradicate them.

  • Awaken your self-confidence and express your true potential in order to offer you the intense joy of feeling yourself at all times.

  • Discover the repetitive behaviors in your life, analyze them to highlight the energies that connect them and define consciously, mentally and emotionally, a new life plan.

  • Feel your energy circulation and restore it by yourself, on a daily basis.

The therapeutic methods used are:

  • REIKI, harmonization through touch.

  • Chromotherapy, harmonization by sound vibration, associated with light vibration.

  • The YHANDI, process of reconciliation of the inner child and adult.

  • RO-HUN, transpersonal psychotherapy.

  • Metamorphosis Technique sessions.

  • The LIFE PLAN, emotional coaching.

  • Energization sessions.

  • Meditation sessions.


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