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Image by Ben McLeod


Therapeutic support, supplementing minerals needed for enzyme functions

Oligotherapy offers treatment with trace elements which are, with vitamins, the catalysts of all the biological functions of living organisms.

The first historical traces date back to 6000 BC with the Chaldean priests. Illustrious figures in the history of medicine and health, such as Gabriel Bertrand in the 19th century and then the French doctor Jacques Ménétier at the beginning of the 20th century, are the fathers of modern oligotherapy.

This system is based on the use of natural trace elements, for their role as catalysts to restore or improve various physiological changes in the body. Trace elements are minerals which are in our body in very small amounts, but are essential for it to produce the reactions biochemicals of metabolism. They act as reaction catalysts enzymatic physiological to facilitate the return to balance of the body.

In summary, oligotherapy uses small doses of individual trace elements for therapeutic support, supplementing the minerals necessary for enzyme functions. Thus, these natural elements make our metabolism work in order to bring our organism back to its optimal state, thus to recover health.

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