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An initiation, at the cellular level,
by invocation of cosmic energies.

Energization is an energy initiation that allows you to receive and assimilate energies whose vibrational frequencies open the door leading to spiritual dimensions and higher levels of consciousness...


The Yhandi process makes it possible to understand these dysfunctions linked to the continuous repression of emotions by reason with the vain hope of protecting and treating them. It is thus possible to restore the communication between mental and emotional, to create a harmonious internal relationship.

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Harmonization by the sound vibration associated with the light vibration.

The principle that governs this technique is to restore the circulation at the level of the ordinary and extraordinary meridians. To our six pairs of ordinary meridians (six Yin and six Yang) correspond the major organs of our organism...

Alternative or holistic parallel medicine admits that there is a common vital energy that generates all forms of life, an energy that constantly flows like living water. Where this energy becomes stagnant, this immobility brings illness as stagnant water can stagnate: life is energetic movement.
Each of our cells keeps the emotional memory...

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Ro is vibrational energy
Hun is healing energy
Ro-Hun is vibrational healing energy

We are only energy. Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our words are energies. They create thought-forms which, depending on the energy we supply to them, bring about the experiences we have...

REI is the universal and limitless nature of energy
KI is the vital energy that runs through all living beings
REIKI is the universal and unlimited vital energy


Reiki is a personal healing tool before being a way to heal others. Reiki is a gentle therapy, a simple and powerful technique that provides multidimensional support  to the physical...

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Oligotherapy offers treatment with trace elements which are, with vitamins, the catalysts of all the biological functions of living organisms.

The first historical traces date back to 6000 BC with the Chaldean priests. Illustrious figures in the history of medicine and health, such as Gabriel Bertrand in the 19th century and then the French doctor Jacques Ménétier at the beginning of the 20th century, are the fathers of oligotherapy...

Bach Flowers, initially called "Bach flower essences", are alcoholic macerations of plants made from flowers from thirty-seven species of plants, to which is added the rock water, which therefore gives 38 elixirs in total.

By extension, they designate the practice with a therapeutic aim that uses them, conceptualized between 1928 and 1936 by Edward Bach, doctor...

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Gëorgia Knap, French born in Troyes in1866 and died in1946) was a fertile inventor and also ahealer, supporter of natural medicine.

Nicknamed "the man with 80 trades", he would have been the first to own a car in the city of Troyes.

The Knap rejuvenation method

Gëorgia Knap is best known today...

Bio-resonance, like any quantum therapy, combines Chinese medicine and recent advanced technologies: by sending a train of waves and calibrated electromagnetic fields to a living organism, it makes it possible to assess the state of the organs constituting this organism. Thus, the analysis of the energy flows of this organism makes it possible to measure in an extremely precise way,

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