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Image by Fé Ngô

A newborn

My son Alex was born on February 11, 2007, six weeks premature.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital (Paris XIV) took the initiative, in agreement with the parents, to have him born before term, having detected growth retardation on the seventh month ultrasound.

At birth, the child does not eat alone and he is given a probe (a fixed tube that empties directly into the stomach through the mouth).

Then, after multiple attempts, we notice that Alex cannot feed himself like a normal child and that he lacks energy.

It is then decided to do a series of genetic tests, with a strong suspicion for Prader Willy's disease.

On March 6, this illness was confirmed: it was characterized by a serious eating disorder: anorexia for the first two years and then bulimia for the rest of his life.

After my meeting with Philippe Coffin, on April 2, 2007, I gave Alex massages using the Metamorphosis Technique, from April 3, 2007.

From that date, Alex's situation improved significantly in terms of: - his diet and the probe was removed on April 18, 2007, - his tone and this was noticed by nurses and the physiotherapist,

Hospitalization at home was set up, but it was useless because Alex continues to eat, slowly but surely.

Paris, May 21, 2007

Laura N.

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